Well it has begun! Parker is officially a Texas Longhorn!!! We had our first season game on Saturday and needless to say it was not pretty. I think the final score was 56-0 :/ against the Cowboys... Parker is the Quarterback again this year and had so much fun getting to call the plays out in the huddle. It was pretty cute! I will update the good ol' blog on how the season unfolds!!



I figured I would update on Walker! He is a WILD CHILD!:) He is growing like a weed and thinks that he rules the world. These are some recent pictures of him as well. Splitting image of his big brother!

Parker's 1st Day of School


Every year I have taken Parker's picture on the first day of school. The older he gets you can see in his face that he is not wanting to do this! I was sitting at work on his first day and came accross all four pictures. I thought it would be fun to put them side by side!!!
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I have been a horrible blogger this year! Where to start! I officially have a 3rd Grader beginning on Monday! EEEK where does the time go? Parker is back into football as of last week finally. He is playing for the Longhorns this season. He could not be happier! He is growing before our eyes. He is 4ft 5inches already. I give him a year and he will be taller than me! Then Walker, he is my little doodle! He is 18 months now and RUNS everywhere. He hardly sits in one spot for more than 30 seconds! He is just my little wild child! He is on the smaller side. Much smaller than Parker at his age. He is no doubt about it a daddy's boy! Collin and I just celebrated our 9th Wedding anniversary last month and went on a date! It was so nice!Hopefully I can have the time do blog soon!!!


4th of July at the Farm!

We went down to Collin's family farm in Lockhart, TX for the 4th of July. It was Walker's 1st road trip! It was very interesting. Lockhart is about 30 minutes outside of Austin and it took us about 7 hours to get home! It was RIDICULOUS!!! We had such a good time. This was one of the main pictures I wanted and I actually got a semi-smile from Walker!

So 5 hours in the car the only thing keeping Walker entertained is a Dairy Queen cup! The kid LOVES styrofoam cups for some reason. He is NOT very green!


Walker Swimming

Just wanted to post a picture of Walker. First time in the pool and he LOVED it!!! I will do an update soon.
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Life with a new baby....

So where do I even begin. Walker is wonderful first of all. Having a new baby in the house has been great. First couple weeks were VERY rough. Walker had to go back to the hospital for jaundice. Very rough.... He is doing so much better now and growing like a weed. He is up to 11 pounds and 23 1/2 inches long! That is along way from 6 pounds. He lost some weight when he had jaundice. Parker has adjusted very well to brotherhood. He can't wait to get home from school everyday to see his baby brother. This is one of my favorite pics of them!